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Tesselate will help you evolve and automate your trade finance business by offering a wide range of high-quality consultancy services.

We will enable your financial institution to keep up with the rapidly changing technology. Whether you are focusing on payment facilitation, risk mitigation, or the provision of information about the status of payments and shipments, we can help you implement the solution you require.

It’s our mission to help you implement the newest technologies in order to be in line with the latest regulations and to limit your exposure to risk.

Tesselate is a specialist in the credits sector.

Our analysts have expert knowledge of credit life-cycling and back-office handling of credits. They will support you in analysing the full lending value chain including the origination, documentation, underwriting, servicing, collection and recovery.

Our commercial lending specialists have a deep understanding of loans, deposits, current accounts, guarantees and letters of credit.

As a system integrator in the commercial lending business, we provide the time, talents, and technology required to integrate the commercial lending application of your choice into the platform of your financial organisation. 

Fintech innovations impact the way companies engage with their banks – cash management is leading the digital transformation revolution.

We deliver cash management solutions to accurately forecast cash flow, mitigate and prevent fraudulent activity and automate and optimise working capital.

Our digital cash management systems play a pivotal role in creating a connected corporate banking experience by providing intuitive user interfaces, easy integration points, and multi-channel access, including responsive design for mobile and tablets.

We implement cash management software solutions to streamline and automate finance functions, giving corporate treasurers control over their operations, risk and working capital.

Tesselate will help you perform better in a complex and highly regulated market.

We advise on software solutions and support your digital transformation. Tesselate can help you choose and implement software to improve reporting capabilities, ease regulatory burden, streamline operations and reduce costs, and enable you to take new products to market by achieving better workflows.

Tesselate implements software solutions to analyse all aspects of the investment process, provide a real-time investment book of record that supports all business functions, automate workflows and processes, give greater transparency for regulators and investors and improve risk-adjusted performance.

We will ensure a smooth transition to your target operating model.

Our Business and Financial Analysts and Project Managers have a wealth of experience in Capital Markets and an in-depth knowledge of Fintech solutions, to increase efficiency and drive you ahead of the competition.

Through our consultancy and Fintech solutions, Tesselate can improve your trading and treasury performance and processing; enhance monitoring and reporting and make risk management more effective.

We integrate new technology to help you extend your business capabilities and gain a significant competitive advantage.