Innovative, responsive and scalable Trade as a Service Platform
Innovative, responsive and scalable Trade as a Service Platform
Innovative, responsive and scalable Trade as a Service Platform
Fast implementation

With enhanced onboarding and connectivity, Tegula can be operational within your organisation in under 12 weeks – the fastest product of its kind.

Cloud-hosted platform, so there’s no need for you to upgrade your internal infrastructure – Tesselate’s state-of-the art, front-to-back Trade Finance Platform is ready to go!

Seamless integration

Tegula can be integrated with systems throughout your organisation and embedded in your applications or accessed through open APIs.

Tegula integrates with your existing technology, minimises delays, helps you adapt quickly to a competitive market and meet customer needs.

Intelligent support

Tegula is a fully managed service: we’ll implement, integrate update, upgrade and operationally manage the application for you, so your team can continue business operations without any hassle.

Cost Control

Our pre-packaged product gives you access to innovative solutions at a competitive price.

Monthly price with basic changes included, so you can control your costs. Bespoke level of service to suit your needs.

Modular and scalable

Modular approach with built-in flexibility, so additional services can be added on as your business grows, with minimal disruption.

Trade finance made easy

One platform connecting all trade and supply chain finance products and services your organisation requires:

  • LC, standby, collections, guarantees, supply chain finance, financing
  • Standardized processes and workflows
  • Product configuration: static data, postings and charges
  • Reports and Client outputs
  • Security and user roles
  • Company Branding
  • Standard interfaces (Swift, Accounting, static data, Fedwire, Watchlist, FX Rates)
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