We can, all together and in all countries,
conduct the affairs of our company with ethical values
and reduce our environmental footprint
while at the same time creating value for all stakeholders”

Peter Draulans – Managing partner and CSR Director
Our company has always shown respect for the employees, ourcustomers and our partners. The success of Tesselate lies in the attitude we adopt in conducting our business. Social and environmental responsibility is now fully incorporated in our Group and our commitments must be strongly anchored in reality.
Our Charter of Conduct is driven by our core values
  1. Our Ethics & Corporate social responsibility charter is an opportunity to define a common frame of reference and to recall our intrinsic values.
  2. It is addressed to each of us who are the ambassadors of our values.
  3. This policy must be a compass that guides our behaviour and clarifies our choices.
  4. It represents the foundations of our commitments, which will evolve thanks to our collaborators and which is supervised by our governance committee.
This Ethics and CSR Charter expresses commitments of Tesselate, which are available into 3 strategic areas
To act with integrity in conduct of our business and promote human rights

To be a committed employer and federate collaborators by boosting their level of information, skills development and fulfillment

To deploy more sustainable and environmental friendly solutions to have a positive impact on the society and our planet

Our Committee CSR and Ethics responsability

  1. To participate in the establishment of thegovernance committee,
  2. To contribute to the definition of the   3-year strategy and the choice of the first initiatives for the first year
  1. To be the Ethics & CSR privileged interlocutor for employees,
  2. To communicate, raise awareness and lead workshops and events on CSR topics.
  1. To contribute to employees’ acculturation,
  2. To implement the strategy defined by thecommittee in the field,
  3. To guarantee that strategy is in line with the evolution of the market and regulations.

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