Our Values

Our purpose is to create sustainable and agile partnerships between our people, partners and clients to make a positive contribution to the financial services ecosystem.

In doing this we are guided by our three core values:

our work ethics help us build agile partnerships that make a positive impact.


At Tesselate, work ethics is fundamental to the way we build business, create and grow  relationships and collaborate within our teams. Beyond the frame of legal and internal policies, it implies the respect of talent diversity, inclusivity, trust and a firm commitment to deliver on what we promise.


We know our talent, clients, suppliers and fintech partners are our building blocks to a successful future, so we take a long-term perspective by creating partnerships within our ecosystem.

Life is unpredictable and so we approach our partnerships with an agility to ensure that they withstand the change that we encounter on a day to day basis. Qualitative collaboration generates a virtuous circle of efficient contributions and continuous improvements. 


We believe that professional behaviour leads to positive impacts. We empower talent from day one, build agile and sustainable partnerships and actively promote corporate social responsibility initiatives to increase solidarity within our society and to protect our planet.