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  • A corporate banking ecosystem that seamlessly integrates advanced technologies and fosters interoperability, creating a model where financial institutions can collaborate effortlessly.
  • Providing a platform where corporate banking entities can leverage cutting-edge technology and seamlessly integrate their systems, enabling smooth and efficient interactions within the ecosystem.

Finastra is building an open platform that accelerates collaboration and innovation in financial services, creating better experiences for people, businesses and communities. Supported by the broadest and deepest portfolio of financial services software.

Tesselate partners with Finastra to offer both best in class financial products and best in class integration services.

Visit : https://finastra.com

Traydstream’s modular approach to Digitization – with its proprietary trade optimized intelligent Optical Character Recognition engine (iOCR), and automated Trade Rules checks – with over 300,000 permutations, is greatly enhanced when integrated with client backend systems. 

The integrated service extends to both import and export LC’s, Open Account and Documentary Collections, including amendments and document scrutiny covering all UCP600 and ISBP rules for both structured and unstructured data sets. Third party checks  for sanction screening, DUG’s, vessel, container, and BL tracking as well as compliance risk
indicators are also all available through the integrated Traydstream UI.

Visit : https://traydstream.com/

Best Practices for Efficient Trade Compliance and Export Controls
Global trade is booming and coming under increasing scrutiny from regulators. In the current regulatory landscape, companies that are part of interconnected global supply chains or facilitate the international movement of goods—such as freight forwarders, specialist insurers and financial institutions—are tasked with keeping up with export administration regulations.

They must comply with a complex regulatory framework, relating to both sanctions and controlled goods in various jurisdictions.

Visit : https://lexisnexis.fr/

Temenos Exchange brings open innovation to market faster, and at scale. The marketplace
offers pre-integrated and approved fintech solutions that can be easily deployed on top of Temenos open platform, enabling banks to accelerate the creation of new financial services,
while reducing the costs of development.

Visit : https://temenos.com

MonetaGo is a Fintech solutions provider that empowers regulated industries to solve systemic risks through privacy-preserving data analytics at scale. Trusted by various assocaitions, regulatory authorities and financial institutions globally, MonetaGo has proven itself to detect fraud attempts on millions of transactions.

Visit :  https://monetago.com

Empower your decision-making with the transformative capabilities of Impactsure advanced AI/ML and NLP technology powered by our interoperability platform hive.t. The cutting-edge tool effortlessly scans, processes, classifies, and extracts structured and unstructured data from documents that have been vetted, providing you with the insights needed to make informed and impactful choices. Reduce the time taken to process documentation from hours to less than 10 minutes.

Visit : https://impactsure.com

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    Onboard and connect fintechs within weeks
  • Drive capabitlity to switch to a new provide

Re-usable Webservices

  • Functional description of process flows & data
  • Configuration into OpenAPIs
  • Webservices to use in hive.t or in Bank digital strategy

Re-usable Data Services

  • Management of security
  • Integrated with Bank
  • Data Services

Custom Connectors & Interfaces

  • Connectors built on Webservices to integrate with fintech
  • Generic connectors leveraging on interoperability
  • End-to-end interfaces between fintechs and Servicing systems

Marketplace to promote interoperability

  • Library of Open APIs & Webservices
  • Connectors to Fintech
  • End-to-end interfaces between fintechs and Servicing systems

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